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Full-Time and Part-Time Dual Enrollment Programs

The dual enrollment program is the enrollment of an eligible secondary student or home education student in a postsecondary course creditable toward high school completion and a career certificate or an associate or baccalaureate degree. (Chapter 1007.271 (1), Florida Statutes)  Florida statute permits eligible students to dual enroll in postsecondary courses during the school day, in the evening and in the summer term.

High School Credit:  Credits earned through dual enrollment count toward either subject-area or elective high school graduation requirements in accordance with the Dual Enrollment Course - High School Subject Area Equivalency List published and updated regularly by the Department of Education.

All BPS high schools offer either full or part-time dual enrollment program opportunities.

Collegiate High School Program (ColHS) - a 3 year program of study

Starting in the 10th grade, participants spend part of the school day at a BCC campus taking courses that satisfy both high school graduation and A.A. degree requirements.  The other part is spent at the high school completing required high school courses.  College credits earned at BCC transfer to any of Florida's public universities provided that the receiving university offers the same course with the same course number.

FastTrack Collegiate High School (ColHS) - a 2 year program of study

Qualified students who have completed the 10th grade may also enter the Collegiate High School program through the FastTrack Collegiate High School option in the summer prior to the 11th grade.  By combining high school and college classes, they too will be able to graduate with the A.A. degree ready to enter a university with junior status.  Note:  With fewer terms to complete their college requirements, you will see that FastTrack students will need to pick up additional credits in the senior year to graduate with the A.A. degree.

Credit in Escrow

High school students who have completed their 9th grade year with a state minimum unweighted GPA of 2.00 or higher may enroll part-time at BCC.  Student must pay all application, tuition, lab fees and textbook costs.  Credits earned at the college through credit in escrow do not count toward high school graduation and are a part only of the student's college record.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is academic dual enrollment?

Academic dual enrollment allows interested and qualified high school students to begin their college career while still in high school. Students can earn credit toward high school graduation while at the same time earning credit toward a college degree.   Participating dual enrollment students are exempt from payment of registration, matriculation, textbook and laboratory costs.

Students can enroll in dual enrollment courses on a part-time basis during school hours, after school or during the summer term.  In Brevard Public Schools eligible students may enroll in dual enrollment courses at BCC on any BCC campus or on the high school campus when available.

Where can I take academic dual enrollment courses?

Most of Brevard County Public Schools' dual enrollment students take courses at Brevard Community College. 

What if I want to take courses at another college or universities?

Public State Universities

Florida Statutes allow Brevard Public Schools to form partnerships that are designed through articulation agreements with ANY Florida state university.  If you are interested in attending a state university as a dual enrollment student, please see your guidance counselor to see if Brevard Public Schools has a current articulation agreement. 

Private Colleges and Universities

If you are interested in attending a private college or university as a dual enrollment student, your first step is to talk to your guidance counselor.  Because Brevard Public Schools do not have articulation agreements with private colleges or university, students must work with their guidance office and principal to gain approval to take these classes dual enrollment. 

If the principal approves dual enrollment at a private college or university, the student is responsible for all expenses, including tuition, matriculation fee, textbook and lab costs.  Special arrangements must be made to insure that the credits the student earns can become part of the high school transcript.

What are the requirements to take academic dual enrollment classes at BCC?

1.   Meet the 3.0 unweighted GPA requirement for all high school courses taken.

2.   Meet grade-level requirement for the selected program.  Students must be enrolled in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade.

3.   Meet prerequisites including test scores, for the selected course.

4.   Meet any age requirements for the selected program/course.

5.   Submit required admissions documents prior to registration deadline. 

How do I register for classes on a BCC campus?

1.   Meet with your high school guidance counselor to determine your eligibility and discuss available programs.  State law requires that you submit your test scores on one of the state approved placement tests (ACT, SAT or college-administered CPT/GELPT) to enroll in an AA, AS or AAS degree program.

2.   If you do not have scores on a college placement test taken within the past 24 months and you plan to enroll in a college credit class as part of the AA, AS or AAS degree program, your counselor will tell you how to schedule testing at BCC. You must complete testing requirements to register.

3.   Complete the following forms:

  • BCC Application for Admission (First time students only, no application fee)

  • Residency Affidavit with parent signature & copy of parent’s Fl. Drivers License (Encouraged, but not required – Providing Affidavit when you first register for classes at BCC ensures you will be able to register for classes at BCC without interruption after you graduate.) 

  • BCC Accelerated Registration Form  (First-time and continuing students - Make sure that you have the signatures of your parent/guardian, counselor and the principal)

4.   Schedule an appointment with the BCC dual enrollment advisor assigned to your high school. 

  • If you are a first-time student at BCC, you must bring with you to your appointment the following completed document with all required signatures:

(1) Completed BCC Application for Admission and (if completed) Residency Affidavit, 

(2) Official sealed high school transcript

(3) Official test score results, if not included on your high school transcript

(4) Completed BCC Accelerated Registration Form

  • If you are a continuing dual enrollment student, you must bring with you to your appointment a completed BCC Accelerated Registration Form.

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT ADD, CHANGE OR DELETE COURSES ON THE ACCELERATED REGISTRATION FORM.  Also, do not make any changes in your course schedule without consulting with your high school counselor. If for any reason you must “drop” a class during the first week, or later in the term “withdraw” from your BCC course, you must first consult with your parent/guardian and high school counselor to ensure that you do not jeopardize your high school graduation!  Students are responsible for following all college attendance policies and, if withdrawing from a class, must follow college withdrawal procedures. Your school counselor and your parent/guardian must sign the BCC Withdrawal Form.

How many credits can I take each term?

1.   Dual enrollment students (not in Early Admission or Full-time Dual Enrollment) may register for no more than 11 credit hours in the fall and 11 credit hours in the spring or 3 courses a semester.

2.   Students may take a total of two courses during BCC’s two summer terms.

3.   Students dually enrolled in the Summer Fine Arts program may take two courses in addition to the two Summer Fine Arts Program courses.

What courses can I take?

The State Board of Education identified the specific dual enrollment courses that meet high school graduation requirements and assigned a specific amount of high school credit  that must be granted for each dual enrollment course.  If you want to enroll in a course not on the list, see your counselor.

Complete list of dual enrollment course equivalencies: here

Is dual enrollment the right decision?

The decision is a serious one and should be based on the goals you have for life after high school.  Parents, teachers, admissions officers and counselors have important insights into making this decision.  You may want to think about the following things:

1.   Future academic and career plans

2.   Admissions criteria of colleges and universities

3.   Scholarship competitions

4.   Age and maturity

5.   Personal circumstances

6.   Financial benefits

7.   The importance of an opportunity to accelerate, enrich or broaden the high school curriculum

8.   The availability of other acceleration options

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